Chinooks and Crannies

Winter has returned to Calgary.


Average hours of sleep:
Four hours? Five hours? I’ve been sleeping longer on the weekends, so that probably drags the average back up to five hours.

Last thing I Googled:
I googled “Clippy.” For reasons.

How many blankets I sleep under:
Three, haha. It’s Canada, what do you want.

What are you wearing right now:
Pajama pants and my old David Hume shirt. And underthingies, of course.

Last book you read:
The last book book? The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Yeah, yeah, I know, I read that like four months ago. Shut up.

Favorite fictional character:
Either Phileas Fogg or Captain Queeg.

Last movie I watched in the cinema:
Uh…Watchmen. Way back in 2009.

Dream vacation:
Unrealistic: Antarctica. More realistic: Hanover.

Dream wedding:
Are we in love? Did we both want to get married and have a wedding? Will there be music at said wedding? There ya go. Dream wedding.

Dream pet:
Cat. Or cats.

Dream job:
Statistics professor! Or even just a lecturer. Or even a part time lecturer, like I was before.
(Just let me teach stats. Please. I’m begging you.)

Which is worse, failing or never trying?
Depends on what you’re doing. Asking someone out on a date? Never trying is worse. Sky diving? Failing’s obviously worse.


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