The January List!

Warning: this monthly list sucks even more than the majority of my monthly lists. Be prepared.

  • When the hell did I even start making these monthly list things? *does quick scan of old blogs* Oh. 2010. I guess they weren’t consistent until recently, though, huh?
  • (Like anyone cares.)
  • Windows gets really defensive when you try to move the location of Solitaire. You need like CIA-level super-top-secret permissions.
  • I just realized that I saved a document containing an assignment as “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” and then emailed it to my professor without changing the document name. Oops.
  • My Tumblr blog consists of math, .gifs of the sun, and Achievement Hunter. Clearly it is the best blog on the site.
  • Why are there no good biographies of any of the big statisticians? I would read a thorough biography of Fisher in a heartbeat, and I seriously doubt I’m the only one in the world who would do so.
  • I like how I bitch about Twitter and then keep posting Twitter-related things. Though in my defense, Vine is like the loud, obnoxious, mile-a-minute child of Twitter, so I guess it’s not quite the same. And Vines can be funny. Tweets are just dumb.
  • 2015 is going pretty well so far!
  • Too bad this list is crap!

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