I am a hologram

ALRIGHT, so I know I’ve already totally tanked my New Year’s resolution to post my blogs weekly (SHUT UP, it’s been a little better than it used to be…right?). So what’s the most reasonable response?


Well, I guess these aren’t technically New Year’s resolutions, mainly because they’re things I’d like to accomplish this year, but they’re not at the same level of want as my actual New Year’s resolutions.
If that makes any sense.

Things to do for Claudia in 2015:

  1. Actually try to learn (at least some) guitar. I still have my beautiful guitar that I impulse bought way back when (thanks a lot, Sean), but I’ve never really tried to learn how to play it. String instruments are intimidating to me, but I SHALL CONQUER!
  2. Learn LaTeX. Because apparently everyone in the math department knows it and uses it religiously.
  3. Walk to and from campus when the weather permits. It’s a good way to get mileage, given that it’s about a 7.5-mile round trip. I guess this kind of goes with my walking mileage goal, but it’s not quite the same.
  4. Finish my blog stats Excel sheet and format the rest of my blog archives. I’m up to year 7, so I’m getting close, but I still have a few more years to do. The next goal is to actually get hard copies printed of each year of blogs, but that will be super expensive, so who knows when that will happen.


Blogging fail.

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