Walk the Walk: Canadian Style

Heeeeeeeey, so I don’t know why I waited like a week for this, but what the hell, have some walking statistics for my time in Calgary so far!

Total distance: 680.00 miles [Not sure how I managed to hit that exactly. It wasn’t planned.]
Total number of walks: 93
Average distance per walk: 7.31 miles

Did I meet my average of 50 miles per week? No. I blame finals. But that’s okay, considering that last year it took me eight months to go 1,000 miles and this year it took me only about 3.5 months to walk nearly 700 miles. I bumped up the pace quite a bit, I’d say.

Want some line graphs? You know you do.



October was a good month.

Stay tuned for a later blog post in which I set my yearly mileage goal for 2015!


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