Another rant, haha

Sorry, I’m in rant-mode this week.

Alright, so one of the malls I walk to all the time is North Hill Centre. The reason I frequent this mall so much is because it’s in between UC and my apartment, meaning I can walk there from school, get grocery nonsense at Safeway, and walk home fairly easily.

To get to the mall form across the street, you have to go over this above-highway walkway thingy. Here’s Google Maps to help you visualize this:


(Do you like my super professional-looking labeling?)

Let’s zoom in on the mall parking lot, shall we?


Oh, what’s this yellow painted walkway? A corridor for pedestrians to get through the parking lot, perhaps?

Why yes it is! Look, the Google Maps shot even has pedestrians utilizing it!

So how come every time I go to that damn mall there’s at least one car parked in that yellow walkway?

Seriously. Do they really think that’s a special little parking spot for them? Do they not realize it’s a WALKWAY for LEGS??

It wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t so hard to cross right there (okay, maybe it still would), but the way the other parking spots are arranged makes it hard for the cars to see you and you to see the cars. Heck, even when the walkway’s clear you basically have to step out into the lot to see if there are any cars coming. So why not add the obstacle of one or two drivers thinking that they’re super special and allowed to park in the shiny yellow spots?

*frustrated pedestrian mumbling*


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