Canadian Mall – Installment 20: Chinook Centre

It’s Canadian Mall tiiiiime! LET’S DO THIS.

Mileage from home to mall (one way):



  • While it’s a moderately long walk here, it’s not a bad walk. No weird “hey, we’re going to not put a sidewalk here just to screw with you” blocks
  • Buckets o’ stores. Seriously. It’s a huge mall.
  • The layout’s not terrible.


  • People EVERYWHERE.
  • There were so many people that I actually had no desire to go into any of the stores; I just went in, did my mandatory walk-through, and went back out.
  • While the layout’s not terrible, I still got lost in it ‘cause I’m me.
  • Some lady almost mowed me over in the crosswalk outside. Like seriously, did she really need to gun it out of the parking lot that quickly? I had the right-of-way (the “walk” sign was clearly still white and not flashing red) but she certainly didn’t give a crap. Good thing I was paying attention.

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