Boots: Claudia Style

Today I shall show you how to go walking in the snow/rain when you’re an idiot like me and live in Canada but haven’t bought boots yet.



  1. Two plastic bags (or two large Ziplock baggies)
  2. Pair of knee-high socks
  3. Pair of knee-high socks that you don’t mind stretching a bit
  4. Shoes
  5. Feet (not pictured).


Step 1: insert feet into pair of knee-high socks.


Step 2: put baggies over socks as shown.


Step 3: put other pair of knee-high socks over baggied feet.



Step 4: put on pants and shoes.


Step 5: ???

Step 6: PROFIT! Or go walking, either one.

What I lack in common sense I make up for in…um…interesting ways to compensate for my lack of common sense.

EDIT: WELL THAT WAS A SUCKY WALK. Even with plastic protection, I was NOT going to walk through five blocks of flooded sidewalk. Nope nope nope. Also my iPod pedometer app had a flip-out moment so I lost half my mileage.

I’m frustrated now.


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