News from the Antarctic!

WHAT IS THIS (and why have I not heard about this discovery until now?).

In January of 2013, a photographer’s notebook was found at one of Robert Falcon Scott’s base camps in Antarctica.

(Scott, for those of you unaware, was a British explorer who raced for the South Pole in 1912 against Norwegian Roald Amundsen, but died on his return from the Pole after discovering Amundsen had reached it days earlier).

The notebook is a photographer’s notebook and belonged to George Murray Levick, a surgeon and photographer who had been part of Scott’s last expedition. In it are notes about photos Levick had taken at Cape Adare, which is on an itty bitty little projection of land off of Victoria Land (near the Ross Ice Shelf).

Those in charge of the Antarctic Heritage Trust say that they can match up Levick’s notes with many of the pictures that they’ve already got preserved.

How cool is that?

(I still want to go down there.)


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