Stop blaming it on the bossa nova. The poor guy just wants some friends.

No Canadian Mall installment today, ‘cause the majority of the day was spent driving to EDMONTON with the rest of the new stats grad students.

It was pretty meh. You can tell that the city’s waaaay older than Calgary. Same thing with the university, which reminded me of UI except it was like 20 times bigger. It’s also flatter than hell up there. We drove down one hill and got all excited for the change in elevation.

Also this:


The ride back was spent listing super nitpicky reasons why Calgary > Edmonton (examples: “Edmonton’s buses are ugly!”, “WE have a bridge that lights up, too!”, “OUR sunset is better!”, etc.)

Also, you’d think stats grad students would have high enough spatial skills (or memory) to recall where we parked the rental van.

Or how to get back out of Edmonton and onto the highway.



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