Holy crapioli, it’s a survey

A) What does the last text you sent say? And to whom?
“Okay.” It was to my mom.

B) What does the last text you received say? And from whom?
“I’ll be on in a few.” It was from my mom; she was talking about Skype.

C) What time do you wake up most mornings?
6:30 as of late. The buses are never on time here so I have to take the super early one to get to campus on time.

D) Are you afraid of walking alone at night?

E) What do you do to relax at the end of a stressful day?
Listen to music. Blog. Write crap. Internet.

F) Where did your last kiss take place and with whom?
I prefer not to think about things that will never happen again.

G) Do/did you get into trouble a lot at school?
Nope. I did several things I *should* have gotten trouble for (being a hooligan in the hallway during lunch), but I never did.

H) Do you enjoy your job? If unemployed, are you content being so?
I guess my job is to be a TA now. I miss my old lecturer job a LOT, but I get to teach labs now anyway, so I guess we’re still cool.

I) Do you often pick up on double entendres and innuendos?
Dude, I MAKE things into double entendres and innuendos, whether they were supposed to be or not.

J) Have you ever been offered drugs but declined?
I almost tried salvia, but I was about to get on a plane, so I figured the combo probably wouldn’t have been a good thing. Especially given my record with being over sensitive to about every substance on the planet.

K) Have you ever met someone who has completely altered your way of thinking?
Not completely, no.

L) Have you ever been offered drugs and accepted?

M) Tell us something weird that turns you on.
Ha. We won’t go there tonight.

N) When did someone last admit romantic or sexual feelings for you? Was the feeling mutual?
Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away (2009).

O) What is something you have given a lot of thought to lately?
My current place in life (as far as education goes…which is pretty much my whole life anyway). It’s certainly not where I thought I’d be at this point, but I’m not unhappy with it. I’m glad I’ve done what I’ve done.

P) When did you last swallow your beliefs to avoid an argument or confrontation?
I usually don’t voice my beliefs about the “bigger” things, mainly ‘cause I really don’t like arguments. I also like to hear what other people think without interjecting my own nonsense.

Q) Do you usually initiate hugs?
I feel awkward wanting to hug people, so I don’t unless they initiate it first.

R) Are you a very affectionate person?
Unless I’m with the right person, I’m about as affectionate as a rock.

S) Can you roll your own cigarettes?
I CAN ROLL MY OWN BUTT that doesn’t even make sense.

T) What are you looking forward to?
Apparently the new stats students at U of C take a road trip to Edmonton every other year to bother their stats department up there. A three-hour van ride with a bunch of stats dorks sounds entertaining.

U) Do you have any tattoos. Do you want any/more?
I’m still waiting to get my integral tattoo. IT SHALL HAPPEN SOON!

V) Are you mentally strong?
Ha. HA.

W) Are you physically strong?
I’m a lot stronger than I look.

X) Do you think you’re a good person?
I’m a toaster.

Y) Name one thing you wish you could change about your life right now.
I really wish I was more intelligent. That would make things a whole lot easier.

Z) What do you usually eat for breakfast?

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