Social Time

So today was “math/stats graduate student department orientation day” and what happens to me a half an hour before I’m ready to go to campus? A freaking migraine aura! So I stumbled around all my unpacked crap to find my Excedrin (luckily it was accessible), stumbled around trying to get dressed, then finally got to the math/stats building with help from my mom, ‘cause I couldn’t see a damn thing.

I also learned that while neither sound nor light bothers me when I’m having my aura (or the headache following it), riding in the car makes me want to puke up my soul.

Luckily, my vision started to return about an hour into orientation and I’d taken the Excedrin early enough so that I didn’t have a SUPER bad migraine, and by 11 or so I felt back to normal.

The universe is sure giving me a rough time about Grad School Part 2.5, lemme tell ya.

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