So remember way back when I got my new shoes? I promised I’d take a picture of the bottoms and tops of them every 50 miles to get a progressive representation of how they wear. I was hoping to do this until the new shoes were as worn as my old Kinvaras. However, I’m going to stop at 600 miles for a few reasons:

  1. I think these shoes are wearing considerably faster than the previous pair. They’re probably 80% as worn as the old ones and have only been worn for 600 miles, not 1,300-ish.
  2. I’ve been trying to keep the background of the photos consistent across all of them. Since I had to move out of my office (where I’d been taking the photos), I can’t do that anymore. And that jump in consistency would bother the hell out of me.

BUT ANYWAY. Here are gifs of the top and bottom, a picture for each 50 miles between 0 and 600 miles.

Bottom Fast

Top Fast


Here’s slower, too.

Bottom Slow

Top Slow

Yeah, I was bored today.

One response

  1. Pretty sweet time lapse.


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