The July List

A few days early, ‘cause screw it.

  • July sucked. Actually, this whole summer has sucked.
  • Taking bets on how many “posterior distribution” jokes I can make before they kick me out of grad school.
  • I am, in fact, the Frito Bandito.
  • Someone needs to start a fabric store called “Hail Satin.”
  • I need to bring my “This Week Science Blog” series back. I just keep forgetting to consistently find science news. I know it’s out there, I just suck at looking.
  • When I was younger (and before I knew the difference between the measurements), I always thought that since Britain used the kilogram for mass and the pound for their currency, the U.S. should thus use the pound for mass and the kilogram for their currency. ‘Cause I was weird like that.
  • Words that I still have trouble spelling: guarantee, calendar, license.
  • In elementary school, the hardest word to spell for me was “their.” I could spell “there” and “they’re” and I could explain the difference between all three, but I always wanted to spell “their” as “thier.” It just looked better. Then one day in fourth grade, we had to pair up and read each other our spelling test words that were picked out for us by our teacher. My friend Nicole was my partner and one of my words was “their*.” I of course got it wrong, so Nicole says, “Just remember: it’s “THE, I, R!” I still think of that (and the damn little sing-songy voice she said it in) every time I have to spell that word.


*YES, I had “their” on a fourth grade spelling test ‘cause I had so much damn trouble with that word. But I also had “deoxyribonucleic acid” on the same test, so there.


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