Opus Oils announces the Official Release of the olfactory breakthrough, “Eau Pear Tingle” – A multi-sensory fragrance experience that was designed to be sensed by those with Anosmia.

“Eau Pear Tingle is as much about “sensation” as it is about the unique ability that perfume has to express periods of time.  The fragrance starts out with a modern mouthwatering juicy twist that is redolent of green pear, pineapple and a hint of coconut.  This is followed by the trigeminal effect of camphor, mint and black pepper that has a delightful side effect; it steadies the breath with a mild cooling sensation complemented by the essence of fir and wood shavings.  The perfume dries down to an addictive classic base that is rich in sandalwood and musk.  When you wear Eau Pear Tingle you journey from the present into the future and repose in the past.  The fact that someone who has anosmia is able to sense this fragrance is truly an innovation in the art of perfumery.  It is also cause for the industry to consider anosmia as a source of inspiration for scent creation targeting connoisseurs as well as the 65+ demographic that is regularly snubbed by the industry; whether they have age related smell loss or not…” 


4 responses

  1. I wonder what be like to smell this thing, I suffer from anosmia and can’t imagine smelling anything again


    1. I have anosmia too! It would be interesting to see what this would “smell” like to people like us.

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      1. After my surgery I been able to some few things…not exactly a lot but incredibly interesting to figure how thing smell


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