The Style of Elements

WOO, my mom and I just found a copy of the Wonderful Life with the Elements at Bookpeople!

What is this book, you ask? It’s written and illustrated by Japanese Artist Bunpei Yorifuji and features a walk-through of the Periodic Table that’s highly visual and artistic. Yorifuji takes features of elements—such as their state of matter at room temperature, the group they belong to, etc.—and translates them into physical features on little naked dudes. For examples: all the elements in the Noble Gases group have afros, all element-people that are gas at room temperature float like ghosts, and elements that are man-made are drawn as robots.

It’s super freaking awesome. If you want to get a used copy on Amazon, take a look at some of the reviews that freak out because all the elements are naked and have little visible penises. Oh, the horror!


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