Claudia Can’t Sleep

(Claudia can’t draw, either, but that won’t stop this blog from happening.)

Remember when I tried to draw the continental US without looking at a map?

Well now let’s try it with Canada! Apologies in advance. Rough sketch:


Oh gods. Manitoba has an oscillating border, Ontario is NOT SHAPED LIKE THAT, and I think I cut off like 6000 square kilometers from the east coast by Hudson Bay.

Let’s take the rough sketch and refine it a bit, eh?


Yeah, Ontario is still screwed up (the dangly bit that dips down into the US is a lot bigger than in the picture) and I have no idea what happens to the northern part of Nunavut (all I knew is that it breaks up in a triangle-like shape, haha), but I guess it could be worse.

Also, ever notice that a lot of the provinces resemble some US states (or vice versa I guess)?
Think about it:

  • British Columbia is like a fat California.
  • Alberta is like a stretched Nevada.
  • Saskatchewan is North Dakota on its side.
  • Manitoba is Minnesota with somewhat straighter eastern borders.
  • Yukon is a giant New Hampshire.
  • Nunavut is an upside down broken-up Texas.

Also, Canada has a hypothetical four corners like the US (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, NW Territories, Nunavut), but it’s in a super remote area and since the NW Territories/Nunavut boundary hasn’t been totally surveyed yet, they’re not sure if they meet at the corner of the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border.

Oh, Canada.


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