So I have this program on Big Compy called IOGraph which tracks your mouse movement as well as how long the cursor sits still in one place. So since it’s spring break and I have no life, I decided to track my mouse movements doing various tasks, each for approximately a half-hours’ worth of time. Note that the black dots are “pause points” with bigger dots = longer pause time.


Here’s 23.2 minutes of playing Half-Life.

IOGraphica - 23.2 minutes (from 22-00 to 22-23)


Here’s 26.7 minutes of formatting one of my archived blog years in Word (2007 – 2009; one of these days I’ll be done with that project).

IOGraphica - 26.7 minutes (from 22-30 to 22-57)


Here’s 32.6 minutes of playing The Sims 3 (creating a family).

IOGraphica - 32.6 minutes (from 23-58 Mar 22th to 0-31 Mar 23th)


Here’s 36.1 minutes of “doing whatever.”

IOGraphica - 36.1 minutes (from 23-17 to 23-53)

Interesting, huh?


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