[Blogger’s note: this one got lost somehow and never got posted when it was originally supposed to!]

What was your first job like?
My first “job” or my first actual paying job? My first “job” was working as an apprentice at Linda’s art camp over the summer. I could have gotten paid for it, but instead, Linda gave me the option of basically attending the camp for free (as in, getting to do all the art stuff that the campers were doing) in exchange for doing the apprentice work. So I did that.
My first job job was at Wendy’s. It was actually pretty fun. My manager was awesome and I liked working the closing shift.

It’s a typical Sunday, how are you spending it?
Either doing absolutely nothing productive (likely) or working on homework/projects/teaching prep.

What was the happiest day of your life?
My first college graduation (once I knew my GPA, haha). And one specific night in July in 2009…

What was the best decision you ever made?
Quitting UBC. I wouldn’t have gotten this amazing job if I hadn’t done that.

Tell us your go-to “pretend” game as a child.
Coos. All day, all the time.

What email service do you use?
Gmail and Outlook. I still have a Hotmail account out there somewhere, too.

What fandoms would you consider yourself a part of?
Metalocalypse, definitely. Would Achievement Hunter have a fandom? If so, Achievement Hunter.

Do you use anything on your lips? (e.g. Chapstick, gloss, balm, lipstick)
Vaseline. It’s the only stuff that really makes my lips feel better.

How many devices do you own which can access the internet?
Four: iPad, iPod, desktop compy, lappy compy.

Last strong smell you can remember smelling?
I’ve never smelled anything!

If you had to move your birthday to another date, which one would you choose and why?
I like my birthday. Though I guess being born on February 29th would be pretty cool.

Inspiration behind your blog title?
I can’t actually remember when or why I thought up “Eigenblogger.” It fits, though, don’t you think?

If you could spend a rainy day with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?
Leibniz. Do I really need a reason? Really? Don’t you people know me by now?

Is there a foreign culture that you love?
Meh. I like different parts of different cultures.

Do you have a favorite soft drink?
Nope! Don’t drink ‘em.



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