Claudia’s 365 Days of Music: Year 4 – A Review

It’s year four! I think this was the best year yet as far as this project goes. Let’s get to it!

Total songs: 365
Total time: 24 hours, 18 minutes, and 28 seconds
Total size: 2.69 GB
Mean song length: 4:17.4

The Five Stars
Listed in order of acquisition!
Best of All Possible Worlds by Bourgeois Tagg
Gold by Owl City
One O Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix) by Jupiter
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) by Icona Pop
Doin’ It Right by Daft Punk
Chocolate by The 1975
Wake Me Up by Avicii
Mirrors (Radio Edit) by Justin Timberlake
Hey Brother by Avicii
Pompeii by Bastille
United State of Pop (Living the Fantasy) by DJ Earworm

The five most beautiful/touching songs of the year:
Allegri – Miserere mei, Deus by Géza Pécsi, József Gregor & Liszt Ferenc Kamarazenekar
Alleluia by Eric Whitacre
Cajun Folk Songs: La Belle et le Capitaine by Frank Ticheli (yay Ticheli!)
O Vos Omnes by Paul Mealor
Warning Sign by Coldplay

The Overall Top Five
Doin’ It Right – Daft Punk
Preeeeeetty sure this song is perfection. I love how simple and repetitive it is. That’s what makes it GREAT. Plus, the tempo is just right. Go find and awesome pair of speakers (or headphones) and crank this up.

One O Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix) – Jupiter
This is a very “Claudia” song. That’s really all I can say about it.

Chocolate – The 1975
I didn’t like this song too much when I first got it—probably because I didn’t think the vocals fit the music—but it grew on me. Also, this was the iTunes freebie offered on Leibniz’ birthday, so I’m reminded of him every time I listen to it. ;)

Mirrors (Radio Edit) – Justin Timberlake
I like the lyrics to this song for some reason. Not sure why. I also love how Justin still has that “boy band” sound to him.

Pompeii – Bastille
I really, really like Dan Smith’s voice, especially in the chorus. This is another song whose lyrics I actually pay attention to. There’s almost a euphoric feeling to it even though it’s titled “Pompeii” and is apparently inspired by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Now, want some pie charts? Yeah, I know you do!



END! Bring it, 2014.

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