So we had a study session for Proofs today.

I use the phrase “study session” very loosely because we were all so stressed that we were just being off-topic as hell.

Things we talked about:

  • Our favorite books
  • Dante’s Inferno
  • The levels of hell
  • Getting masticated by the devil and how awesome that would be
  • Getting masticated in general
  • Doing the “getting masticated by the devil” interpretive dance
  • How “do an interpretive dance of getting masticated by the devil” would be fantastic extra credit on the final
  • How someone with parasigmatism would ever tell anybody they had it
  • “I’m not happy until I’ve been groped!”
  • Our favorite words
  • Trying to figure out what de-masticating would entail
  • Doing the “de-mastication” interpretive dance
  • How much better our final would be if we could just do interpretive dances of our proofs
  • How much better our final would be if we could just sing and/or play an instrument depicting our proofs
  • Plans to bring clarinets/saxophones/cellos/guitars/pianos to our final and just play Christmas music instead
  • The clarinet vs. saxophone debate
  • How sexy Word 2013 is
  • The meanings of our first names
  • Making fun of the meanings of each other’s first names
  • Making fun of each other’s majors (we’re a mix of math, physics, math ed., and engineering)
  • Making fun of each other in general

Things we didn’t talk about:

  • How to do proofs

Yes, our professor was there, too. I think he was just as burnt out as we all were; he was just laughing along with us (and telling the majority of the really dumb math jokes).

I’m going to freaking miss these dork bombs.

2 responses

  1. Sounds like a good study session!


    1. Haha, it was, for everything but studying! It was a much-needed three hours of goofing off, though.


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