1,000-Mile Shoes

I’ve walked 1,000 in my Sauconys since March!

Okay, well, technically, I hit the 1,000-mile mark on Tuesday, but I wanted to reach 1,200 total miles for the year before I posted anything. ‘Cause I’m like that.

Now, pictures!

4 miles’ worth of wear:


1,000 miles’ worth of wear:


A gif!


Pardon how messy my desk is in the “after” shot. I’d just drawn a bunch of crap so there were pencils/shavings everywhere.

Anyway. If anyone’s in the market for some durable running/walking shoes, I highly recommend Saucony Kinvaras. They’ve only just started to become unwearable after 1,000 miles—mainly because there’s a huge hole in the heel of one of them—but they’re still ridiculously comfortable. Also, did you see how brightly colored they are?? Awesome. Always a plus.


2 responses

  1. That’s insane for a single pair of shoes. Nice job on the gif.


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