TWSB: Swingers

Here are some pendulums:

I didn’t want the video to end!

According to the site, one complete cycle lasts 60 seconds. In that period, the longest pendulum oscillates 51 times and each successively shorter pendulum makes one additional oscillation more than the last—thus, the shortest oscillates 65 times.

I really like how when they’re all out of sync it looks like they’re slowing down and coming to a stop, but then they sync up a little again and it’s like, “BOOSH we’re still going!”

Very cool.

Somewhat unrelated, but here’s another mathy vid that I didn’t want to see the end of. Which of the three panels captured your attention the most? On the first watch it was the middle panel, on the second watch it was the far left panel for me.

One response

  1. That is incredibly mesmerizing!


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