It’s time for advising!

Which means it’s time for decisions to be made.

So here are some:

  • Grad school. It’s going to have to happen again. I am about 99.9999% sure I want to spend the rest of my life teaching stats or doing something stats-related. The best plan for getting a permanent (hopefully tenured) position at some point? Getting a PhD. So…yeah.
  • Grad school in Canada. If I’m going, I’m going up there. Reasons include: I’m too much of a coward to re-take the GRE (my old scores are expired), the GRE is dumb anyway and Canada seems to know that, and I have a  chance of getting accepted at UBC again and I pretty much constantly daydream about walking Vancouver.
  • If I don’t get into grad school (likely), the plan is to stay here and keep teaching for another year (Dr. Williams told me that they’d likely have work for me), get a few more degrees (I’m pretty close to two others after the math one), actually STUDY for the GRE, take it, and apply to US schools.
  • And if a really good job comes up in the meantime, I’m going for it. I JUST WANNA TEACH STAAAAAAAAATS.

One response

  1. Glad to hear you found something that you like doing and have a well established plan to follow it, better than a lot of people in that respect.


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