Alright y’all, my “for fun” class has been decided!



But Claudia, you say, you already have taken Linear Algebra!

Indeed! But here are some reasons why I want to take it again:

1. It’s IMPORTANT. And I’m about 99% sure I could get a lot more out of it now than when I took it back in 2009. Now that I know I want to go study multivariate statistics—probably SEM specifically—I need to know my linear algebra. I need to know it very well. I knew it decently when I took multivariate stats and SEM, but now that I know how it’s used in those types of analyses, if I go back and take Linear again, I think I’ll be able to better pick out the really important stuff. At least to a greater degree than I did before.

2. I’m also taking Numerical Linear Algebra this semester as well, which (surprise, surprise) has Linear Algebra as a prereq. Since it’s been so long since I’ve had the prereq, I figured a little in-semester refresher could only be a good thing.

3. Calculus, trigonometry, and geometry are my friends. Algebra and I still spread dirty rumors about one another and glare hatefully at each other whenever we pass. This needs to change.

4. It’s being taught by Dr. Abo, the professor I had for Discrete Math last semester. Dr. Abo is very intelligent, very awesome, and very good at teaching. He’s also hilarious at times.

Yeah so anyway.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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