The Graffiti of Ag Sci Room 106

As I mentioned on a previous blog, I’m teaching next fall. But rather than my section being held in TLC 40 like pretty much every STAT 251 class ever, I’m going to be in Ag Sci 106.

Even though my dad’s taught in there since like the dawn of time, I’ve never actually been in there. So that’s what I did today.



These chairs look like they’re from a different era.


As I was walking around on the stage in front, I noticed that while most of the desks had writing/graffiti on them…


…Some of them had super intricate designs that were really quite impressive. Check it:






I didn’t find any graffiti about my dad (he’s been teaching in that room since the ‘80s), but I didn’t really look, either.

2 responses

  1. It’s sad really. Graffiti is nothing more than criminal vandalism. Now yes some of it is very artistic, in which case it’s just waisted talent. I wish the good artists could express their gift in a way that doesn’t damage other people’s property.


    1. Honestly, the seats are freaking ancient in this room. I think they should tear them out, do something with the grafitti-ridden desk tops (though I’m not sure if they could both exhibit them as artwork while discouraging people to continue defacing stuff), and put in new desks. But what do I know?


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