Sometimes a Blog is Just a Blog

Man, my blogs have been all over lately.

Today’s going to be no different, so you know what that means.


  • I keep forgetting to mention this, but I am teaching in the fall. I’ve got the Tuesday/Thursday section again (yay!) and I’m teaching in the same room in Ag Sci that my dad teaches Envi Sci 101. That’s hilarious.
  • I’ve really been getting into 17th- and early 18th-century Europe lately. Not just the mathematics aspect, but all of the scientific revolution/Enlightenment in general. This time in history has always really intrigued me ever since I first really had a chance to learn about it. There’s just so much scientific advancement and so many great minds and so much stuff happening all in conjunction…I wonder what it would have been like to have experienced that.
  • Speaking of the 1600s, can we take a second to appreciate Leibniz’ mechanical calculator? More specifically, the Leibniz wheel that he invented to actually make it work? Leibniz wheels were actually used in calculating machines up until the 1970s when the electronic calculator became available to the public. Seriously, how incredible is that?
  • Speaking of Leibniz’ calculator, can we take another second to appreciate Leibniz?* Actually, take all the time you want. I’ll wait.
  • I dreamt last night that I had “Don’t Forget to Add the Arbitrary Constant” on my headstone when I died. Miiiiiiiight have to make that happen (of course my grave will be empty, ’cause you all promised to scatter my ashes over Leibniz’ grave, right? Right.).
  • 2 Stupid Dogs almost won a daytime Emmy? Seriously? I used to actually enjoy that show and all, but for what would they win an Emmy?

I guess this blog really wasn’t all over. It was just mostly disguised as a Leibniz rave with just a little bit about 2Stupid Dogs thrown in. Oh well.

*Yes, I know, I’ve been dropping his name more than usual lately. That’s because I’m in the midst of reading a biography of him (that one my mom bought me like four years ago. I wanted to make sure I knew enough about calculus before getting into it) and every page is making me squee. I freaking love that man so much, you people don’t even know.


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