It’s tiiiiiiiiiiime…



MATH 176 (Discrete Math): I still dig that we’re going to talk about the pigeonhole principle. Totally excited about the material in this class.

PHYS 211 (Engineering Physics): There are like five of us in there who aren’t physics or engineering majors. This’ll be a lot of work, I think, but it sounds like it’ll be really fun as well. And my prof is awesome.

CS 120 (Computer Science I): Programming in stuff other than R and SAS! I see myself getting really obsessive about this class.

AND my class, which is super late in the day, especially for a stats class (3:30). I’ve got about half the students I did last semester due to the time, but hey…at least I’m not teaching the 8 AM section. I hope my students will like the class (and me).


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