It’s time for the annual “did I do what I said I’d do at the beginning of the year?” rundown. Get ready for failure!

Last year’s:

SORT OF ACCOMPLISHED: Fix the “issues.” They’re “fixed” insofar as they’re not disrupting my life as much as they were last year. They’re still there, but being busy really, really helps with keeping them at bay.

ACCOMPLISHED: Get a job. Not only did I get a job, I got the best damn job possible for my situation right now. I now know that teaching stats is pretty much what I want to do.

ACCOMPLISHED: Return to acquiring knowledge in a formal setting. Not only did I return to school, but I’m able to take classes while working my awesome job! I really couldn’t ask for more here.

FAILED: Start and maintain a stats blog. I started and maintained a stats class, can I substitute that?

ACCOMPLISHED: Improve with R. All my stupid data analyses have paid off! I’ve also gotten substantially better with SAS thanks to the class I took.

FAILED: Go without dairy for a week. I don’t know why I keep this on as a New Year’s resolution. I love cheese.

FAILED: Go without electricity for a week. See above, but replace “cheese” with “internet.”

MOST LIKELY FAILED: Walk 2,500 miles. I have no damn idea how far I walked this year. Job + school + other job really got in the way of things, but I still booked it around Moscow quite a bit.

ACCOMPLISHED: Continue my 365 Days of Music project. Woo! Three years down!

ACCOMPLISHED: Blog daily. You knew this one’d keep, admit it.

ACCOMPLISHED: Win NaNoWriMo 2012. Not the best story in the world, but not nearly as bad as last year’s.

ACCOMPLISHED: Complete the 5,000 question survey. Finally! Bet you’re all glad to see that one gone, eh?


And this year’s:

  • Blog daily.
  • Win NaNoWriMo 2013
  • Continue my 365 Days of Music project
  • Draw at least two new thingies a month.
  • Do something with my writing (I’m extending this past Prime because there are a few non-fic doohickeys I’ve got)
  • Study for the GRE this time before I take the damn thing (old scores are defunct now)
  • Get applyin’ for grad schools again (while simultaneously trying not to have a panic attack)
  • Learn as much as possible.
  • Revamp and start over with my book list.
  • Uh…try not to die? Haha. I don’t have many 2013 resolutions.

2 responses

  1. More accomplishments than failures, that’s a positive thing!


    1. I was surprised. I thought I did much worse this year.


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