Stuff ‘n Noise, Noise n’ Stuff


1. This is the most horribly designed infographic ever.

2. This study is old news now I suppose, but I still find it disturbing. 53% of 16-30 year olds would give up their sense of smell for Facebook? What in the hell, people. I’d happily trade all social networking, perhaps even my blogging, for the ability to smell.

3. “Newton, Leibniz, and Pascal were all playing Hide-and-Seek, and it was Leibniz’s turn to count. Pascal immediately runs off and finds a great hiding spot, while Newton simply stands out in the open and draws a one-meter square on the ground around himself. Leibniz finishes counting, and when he looks up, he sees Newton. ‘Aha!’ he yells, ‘I found you!’ Newton responds, ‘No, you found one Newton per square meter- You found Pascal!’” (source)


Again, sorry my blogs have been sucking always lately. Crazy semester is crazy.



One response

  1. I’m wondering why you feel the poising graphic is poorly designed? There is a lot of info yes, but I feel that it is well organized to show the most amount of information with the least amount of clutter.
    Also yay for physics jokes!


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