TWSB: powers of ten

First, I want to apologize if I’ve posted this video on here before. I’m currently too lazy to go back through ye olde archives and check (read: I’m too lazy to type “powers of ten” in my little search box), so I’m just going to go with it.

I logged into my older, rarely-used YouTube account today and was looking through my favorites list and I found this video.

I don’t care that it’s from 1977, I don’t care that I’ve watched it like 80 times. It still blows my mind. So I thought I’d share it for this week’s science blog.

Like I said when I posted that other video about the universe a few weeks ago: I don’t know how we could ever feel disconnected from one another when we’re all part of this working machine of huge and small alike.

One response

  1. Amazing how cool it is, even for being pretty old.


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