You can lead a Claudia to WordPress but you can’t make her update her blog


I’m really sorry, guys. I just  mass-posted 32 pages worth of blog and probably annoyed the crap out of any subscribers. Totally understand if you want to unsubscribe.

Anyway. School + work + joy of teaching stats kind of took over my life. I’d write my blog for the day and then I’d be like “oh, internet!” and get distracted enough that by the time I realized I hadn’t actually posted yet I’d think “bah, too late, must sleep,” so I’d stick it in a Word document.

Flimsy excuse is flimsy.

I’ll try to be better, I promise!
Will a guy riding a Ritz cracker make up for it?

2 responses

  1. Its all good. Life gets busy in a good way, and we forget about the internet things.


  2. Almost.

    I imagine that cracker’s leaving quite a burn on that cracker!


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