I ALMOST DIED not really but that got your attention, eh?

Last night I dreamt about my elementary school graduation. Which is funny, ‘cause I actually didn’t attend my elementary school graduation. I was in the hospital getting my appendix removed.

I actually remember those few days quite well. I went to St. Mary’s, for those of you who don’t know, which is a small Catholic school for grades 1 through 6. There were approximately 100 students in the whole school and about 22 or 23 in our class by graduation time.

Anyway, being a small dink of a school, it was tradition for the graduating class to, two days before graduation, have a big picnic on the school grounds with their parents and then spend the night in the school. I’m actually surprised how much free reign they gave us during the “spending the night” portion. They opened up the cafeteria (which was really the “multipurpose room” because it was also the band room/choir room/P.E. room, stage, after school room, and any other room we really needed) and we spent most of the night watching Christian-oriented shows (Veggie Tales, McGee and Me) and overdosing on cookies, then we kind of sprawled ourselves out across the building to sleep.

The next morning (which was Saturday?) I woke up feeling kind of crappy. My stomach kind of hurt and I felt “off.” I figured it was just a sugar/adrenaline crash, so I thought nothing else of it.

It must have been a Saturday now that I’m remembering, ‘cause my dad took me to the mall that morning. It was our Saturday tradition; he’d give me $20 and an hour and set me free to wander. This was usually fun, but that day I remember feeling super nauseous (plus in pain) so I spent most of the time in the bathroom trying not to vomit.

For whatever reason I didn’t think this was a big deal, and neither did my dad ‘cause we actually went out to see a movie that afternoon (Big Momma’s House. Yeah, I know, I know.). I felt terrible through the whole thing, but I stuck it out.

Things started getting worse all afternoon and that night I threw up like five times before finally passing out to sleep for about three hours. But the next morning was graduation, so my mom was very insistent* that I went to church/graduation/Big Catholic “Jesus Helped You Get Through School!” party time. So even though I couldn’t stand up straight or barely walk I got dressed up and in the car and to the church.

Luckily, one of my friend’s mother was a nurse and she could tell pretty easily that I probably had appendicitis. So before the ceremony even started I had to leave so that I could go to Gritman (and wait around for another 5 hours or something until they could schedule a surgery).

Fun times.

Anyway. That’s what I dreamt about. I don’t know why I felt it necessary to divulge that little story to y’all, but I did. So there.

*She was insistent because she knew I was getting a writing award during the ceremony and didn’t want me to miss it.

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  1. I hadn’t heard the full story of this before, glad you DIDN’T die!


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