It’s a blog! Shocker, huh?

We’re almost done with this, guys!

4201. Has your life lacked a miracle?
I don’t believe in miracles. At least until Leibniz magically reincarnates.

4202. Would you shoot a terrorist?
Not, like, randomly. If they were in the middle of terrorizing, then yeah, maybe.

4203. Were you an unlovely child?
In my opinion, yes.

4204. In the recent Michael Jackson documentary was he treated fairly?
I have no idea, I never watched it.

4205. New York City and other places along the East Coast have recently been said to be the next terrorist targets. What do you think about this?
Haven’t they always been targets?

4206. What should the last question in this survey be?

4207. Are you more likely to think so deeply about things that you forget to take out the garbage OR be wrapped up in your life andforget to think deeply about things?
Depends on how busy I am.

4208. In what ways are you destructive?
I am incredibly good at breaking drinking glasses.

4209. If you’re not with the one you love can you love the one you’re with?
I think people are capable of romantically loving more than one person at a time.

4210. Why is it that when you hang upside down the blood rushes to your head but when you stand up the blood doesn’t rush to your feet?
Because our circulatory system was designed for “standing up” mode.

4211. Do you demand a better future?
It’s my future and I want it NOW!

4212. Does it make you uncomfortable to meet a person with a handicap or deformity (retarded, deaf, lacking a limb, etc.)?
Why would it make me uncomfortable?

4213. What did you think of the movie Vanilla Sky?
Didn’t see it.

4214. What is your favorite thing to dip into fondue?
Teehee. That sounds dirty.

4215. Are you more like Wayne or Garth?

4216. SNL or Mad TV?

4217. Best three REM songs:
I only know “Losing My Religion.”

4218. Name something you do that might be considered eccentric:
HA. Hahaha. Ha.

4219. Are you hard or easy to love?
I have no idea. I think personality-wise I am, look-wise I’m not.

4220. Could you be the next american idol?
HA. Yeah right.

4221. If you were going on american idol what would you:
What I usually wear. Colorz.
I’d sing “Journey to the Past” from Disney’s Anastasia. It’s right in my vocal range.

4222. Is Simon Cowell sexy or does he suck?

4223. What was the last thing you used a credit card for?
Uh…Walmart stuff?

4224. Do you like back or foot massages more?
Neither. I don’t like massages.

4225. If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow why oh why can’t I?
‘Cause of those damn tornadoes, yo.

4226. Why do teachers always want blue or black ink?
Easiest to read.

4227. What do you keep your change in?
A little gold purse thingy.

4228. Do you read playgirl or playboy for the articles?
Hahaha, remember when we bought that Playboy in Seattle on the band trip and then fawned over the ladies on the bus ride back? Fun times.

4229. Are you old fashioned? In what ways?
Yeah, but some of the things I’m old fashioned about aren’t currently “socially acceptable” by a lot of people, so yeah. Don’t want to talk about them.

4230. If you were going to get a mentor who would your top three choices be (out of everyone alive)?
I have no idea. All the people I’d want as mentors are dead.

4231. Would you rather visit France or Thailand?

4232. You love your partner but they are a slob. They aren’t likely to change. Your thoughts:
Meh. As long as they’re not offended by my cleaning up their messes, no big deal. I actually wouldn’t mind that. It’d be a way to show love.

4233. Is anything brainwashing people?
Yes. Media and crappy entertainment and such.

4234. If you were a sex psitols song which one would you be (some choices in case you aren’t familiar with them: Holiday in the Sun, Bodies, No Feelings, Liar, Problems, Seventeen, Pretty Vacant, New York, E.M.I.)?
I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Sex Pistols song.

4235. Are you more likely to drink moderately and often or drink within an inch of your life but only once in a while?
I’m more likely to not drink at all. Or take like half a day to finish a Guiness.

4236. What scares you most about war?
Uh…the dying part?

4237. You find a man with wings (an angel?) half dead in your back yard. the first thing you do is:
Wasn’t this a short story? I’d try to help heal him if possible.

4238. Why do people go to faith healers when there is so much proof that they are fake?
People do a lot of stupid things, yo.

4239. When someone you care about is really angry with you how do you feel and how do you deal with that feeling?
I get anxious. But that’s pretty much my standard response to everything.

4240. There’s a guy who sometimes get violent with his wife. He will scream ‘I LOVE you!’ While he hurts her. Do you think there could be any love there?
Possibly. Maybe the guy just is expressing love in the way he learned it. Doesn’t excuse the abuse, though.

4242. Is John Malkovitch sexy? Is Billy Corgan?
Is Michael Stipe? Is Moby? Is Sinead O’Connor?
Who are all these people?

4243. Imagine there’s a lepper and he wants to be cured but instead of going away his sores sprout sunflowers? Would that be a miracle? Would that tell you anything about anything?
Best. Question. Ever.

4244. Do you watch people?

4245. Do you have anything that doesn’t belong to you?
Probably, but nothing that the owner doesn’t know about.

4246. what is normal?
Certainly not me. Or my awesome friends.

4247. You are given your own private island. What would you name it, and who is allowed to live there with you?
I’d name it Leibniz Land. I’d let Sean live on it after telling him I bought it off of eBay.

4249. If something is wrong in society and you don’t like it but you do nothing about it, in a way aren’t you supporting it?
No, not necessarily.

4250. Do you like Leslie Nielson?
Hell yeah.

4251. If you could make a new toothpaste flavor what would it be?
Red Bull.

4252, Have you ever called the police or the fire department?

4255. You are on the weakest link with these contestants: a monkey, Simon Coswell, Hayden Christensen, Cher, a guy in a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume and GW Bush. Who do you vote off as the weakest link and why?
HA, I remember that show! Holy crap. I’d vote off Bush…do I really need a reason?

4256. Do you like:
mint skittles?
mint ice cream?
With chocolate chips in it, yes.
junior mints?

4257. Does protesting/demonstrating really have any effect?

4259. Have you ever wanted to be with someone who was off limits?

4260. Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you would kiss your hand imagining it was them?
We used to do this in elementary school during church. ‘Cause, you know, we were taking the religion thing so seriously.

4261. Are there any situations when cheating on someone is okay?

4262. When you feel empty inside what do you fill yourself up with?

4263. Would you rather be loved or desired?

4264. When you remember something do you remember yourself to be more or less graceful/positive/smooth than you actually were?
Probably more. Don’t we all?

4265. How can you tell the days of the week apart without using a calander?
Use a watch! Hahaha. I’m funny.

4267. What 3 things about you have shaped your life the most?
My screwed up approach to school, my screwed up approach to relationships, and my awesome parents.

4268. Is your mind awake?
It’s getting there. I hope.
Is your soul?
We don’t have souls.
Were they always?
Haha. Nope.
If not, can you remember a moment or a few moments that helped you wake up?
I like to think that spring semester 2007 was my “Age of Enlightenment.” I remember rehearsing O Magnum Mysterium in the admin building and being totally overwhelmed with feeling like my mind had “opened” to the universe. It was pretty freaking amazing.

4269. Have you ever misperceived what was going on only to discover it when it was too late?
Story of my life, man.

4270. Do you understand the human heart?
The fundamentals, yes.
Oh, ha, you probably mean “heart” as in “love”, huh?
Then no.

4271. How important is your weight?
It…bothers me. That’s all I’m going to say.
How important is your partner’s weight?
As long as they’re not too unhealthy due to their weight, it doesn’t matter at all.

4272. What color is the wind?
Multicolored, according to Pocahontas.

4273. Do you believe children or adults know more?
Depends on the subject.

4274. Do you believe you are crazy?
Aren’t we all?

4275. Did you predict the ending to Joe Millionaire?
The what?
Is there something you care about less than you care about Joe Millionaire?

4276. Snow blower or shovel?

4277. List everything you ate in the last 24 hours?
Spaghetti with parmesan, some M&Ms, an egg. I haven’t had dinner yet tonight.

4278. Have you ever plagiarized?

4279. Who specifically annoys you?
No individual person.

4280. What is your favorite blanket like?
I don’t have a favorite blanket anymore. My funky airplane-covered sleeping bag got shredded in the like seven moves I’ve had over the past few years, so we left it in the dumpster in Tucson.

4281. How do you feel about teachers coming on to their students?
It’s not appropriate while they’re still in the teacher-student relationship.
Students coming on to their teachers?
Same as above.

4282. In what ways do you keep yourself entertained?
Give my data, give me R. Perpetual entertainment.

4283. Entertainers (musicians, sports players) are the highest paid people in america. Why are we so obsessed with being entertained?
Because we seem to have lost the ability to entertain ourselves.

4284. Do you want a perfect body?
That’d be cool. But whose definition of perfection?

4285. Do you want a perfect soul?
I don’t believe we have souls.

4286. Which do you want more?
By option elimination, perfect body.

4287. Do you want people to notice when you’re not around?
Bah. I’m not that special.

4288. Are you more of a creep, a wierdo or special?
I’ve been told I’m quite weird.

4289. Who wrote the bible?
Hahaha, I almost wrote “Radiohead.”

4290. Who wrote the book of love?

4291. Who put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp?
4292. Who rocks the party that rocks the party?
Fabio’s cousin.

4293. If you could pick 5 things to study with no limits what 5 things would you pick?
Oh my. Statistics, math, philosophy, music, art.

4294. Do you study any of them on your own?
Statistics and philosophy, yes.

4295. What’s more important, learning or getting the hell out?
Learning, yo.

4296. What is your favorite highlighter color?

4297. Give everyone some advice:
Some bugs that live in sink drains are impervious to bleach.

4298. Are you practically perfect in every way?
Last time I checked, I wasn’t Mary Poppins.

4299. Are you nasty and tricksy?
I don’t think so…

4300. Where is the precious?
The who?

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