4001. How would you rate your sex drive?

4002. You are sitting alone with a stack of videos and a vcr. Of the following which are you most likely to put on (1 is most, 10 is least)
(lawl, “vcr”)
The good the bad and the ugly,
slc punk,
twin peaks fire walk with me,
jerry springer too hot for tv,
singing in the rain,
flash gordon,
the matrix,
blade runner,
the muppet movie

4003. Are you more likley to get or send random instant messages?

4004. If you were writing an ad telling people to come to your town what would you say about it?
Tucson: like living on the surface of the sun, but without the hazards of space travel!

4005. What part of your body can you not stand to get an itch on?
The inside of my ear.

4006. How many people do you suppose have stolen that System of a Down album called ‘steal this album’?
Haha, I saw a used copy of that at Hasting’s once with a sticker on it that read “stealing this album will result in appropriate prosecution.”

4008. would you rather have a poster of john lennon or a cute fuzzy black cat?

4009. make a public service announcement:
The Oxford comma’s totally hip now. Use it.

4010. What makes you feel the need to escape?
Not having plans.

4011. You and your signifigant other, crush, interest etc…who is the ernie and who is the bert?
I don’t really have an “interest” right now, but I think we’d both be Berts. I don’t think I’d usually have an interest in an Ernie.

4012. When was the last time you did something and later asked yourself ‘did I do the right thing?’?
Oh, I’m sad now.

4013. What do you find it hard to say goodbye to?
The past.

4014. What is your fantasy valentine’s day like?
I’m having fun and I’m not alone. That’s about as far as I’ve fantasized for Valentine’s Day.

4015. If you had to have a color for a name, what color would it be?
RADICAL CARROT. Oh my god. I might have to go change my name like right now.

4016. Should preference be given to minority students during the college admission process?
In an ideal world, it wouldn’t HAVE to be.

4017. Sweet wine, fresh crisp appples, bagles with creme cheese and lox…what is the most incredibly luxurious food?
German chocolate cake is pretty far up there for me.

4018. Is there really anything to fear in communism?
There’s something to fear in everything.

4019. Best sesame street character:
Grover’s a BAMF.
most annoying sesame street character:
I never liked Elmo much.

4020. feast or famine?

4021. Write a poem right here in five minutes or less:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
means one
means two.
(Or more.)
Sorry, that was totally lame.

4022. Do you stay and help clean up after a party?
I would, yes. I haven’t been to a party in like 4,000 years.
4024. What are you the prince or princess of?

4025. Some people think that Christmas should be taken off of public school calanders because it is politically incorrect. What aould you say to this?
Pfft. People are way too uptight about these kinds of things.

4026. Would you rather go to an excorcism or a step aerobics class?
Hahahahahaha. I’ll take aerobics, thanks.

4027. Do you believe in spells and curses?

4028. What tv show does your family watch together?
My mom and I watch DVR’ed Daily Show and Colbert Report every once and awhile.

4029. What’s on your calander this year?
A bunch of weeks. A couple months. 181 more days to screw up.

4030. Is anything ruining your life?

4031. How was life meant to be lived?

4032. What is your usual breakfast?
A scrambled egg with lots of pepper.

4033. If you had kids, would you worry about what they did online?
Probably. I think I’d be the most anxiety-riddled parent on the planet. Either that or I’d let my little dude do whatever and assume he’s got some common sense.

4034. Will you be maxin and relaxin this weekend?
What does that even mean?
If not, what are your weekened plans?
Wait! I need to know what “maxin’ and relaxin’” is so that I can tell you if I plan to do otherwise!

4035. Who has the most interesting story to tell:
someone who used to fly to asia as a drug trader
the ceo of Nike
a nyc homeless person
a preacher’s wife
Probably the homeless person.

4036. What do you have a bad feeling about?
The rest of my life.

4037. Do you have a lot to say?
About some things, yes.

4038. If a smallpox vaccine was offered to you, would you take it?

4039. Would you ever work at a kissing booth?
No one would pay to kiss me.
how about a dunking booth?
That’d be fun.

4040. There is a woman who paints by stripping naked, rolling around in paint and then pressing her body against the canvas. What do you think of her art?

4041. Have you ever bought something you saw on tv?
Haven’t we all?

4043. Have you gone mental?

4044. What do you think of jews for jesus?
Haha, sounds interesting.

4045. Has anyone ever tried to ‘save’ you?
Yes. Obviously it didn’t work.

4046. Quick! picture santa clause in your head…
Was he black or white when you pictured him?
Haha, it was actually Santa Bot from Futurama. So he was grey.

4047. Would you ever buy a black santa clause?
Sure. Good luck finding one in AZ, though.

4048. or take your kids to vist a black santa clause?
why or why not?

4049. What do you smell like?
Good question.

4050. What kind of soup do you eat?
I’m not much of a soup person.

4051. What have you heard about the next Harry Potter book?
Haha. Old survey.
Will you pre-order it?
I’m not a Harry Potter fan.

4052. Would you rather go out or stay in?
Stay in.

4053. What’s your favorite song to hear on halloween?
I’ve always liked The Monster Mash.

4054. What song makes you feel all tingly like you want to laugh and scream and cry?

4055. If you were starting a website that was not about you, what Would it be about?

4056. Do you ever take the long way just for fun?

4057. ‘..and god said let there be ____and there I was.’
Fill in the blank, as if if you were talking about yourself.

4058. What do you think of when you hear the word ‘mill’?

4059. What do you think of when you hear the name:
weird al?
bob dylan?
michael jackson?
henry rollins?
billy idol?
White Wedding.
gary numan?
will smith?
paul mcartney?
alice cooper?
J Lo?

4060. What is one social disaster you have had?
My life?

4061. Can you moonwalk?
I don’t think I’ve ever tried.

4062. If a presidential candidate went on late night tv, picked up a guitar and rocked out on it and could really play, would that influence you to like/respect them more?
I’d be impressed with them, but if I didn’t agree with them politically I still would vote for my guy (even if he was totally musically inept).

4064. If it was possible for people to instantly change from one sex to another, would everyone be straight in the end?
HA. No.
Would you change your sex?
I’ve got Claude. I don’t need to.

4065. Finish the sentance: nobody broke your heart, if you’re alone…
It ain’t nobody’s fault but your own (had to make it rhyme. Sorry.)

4066. Would you rather have a best friend OR a boyfriend/girlfriend on a Friday night?
Neither. I like to be alone on Friday nights.

4067. Would a woman rather be complimented about her intelligence OR her looks?
*I* would rather be complimented on my intelligence.

4068. Do you tend to think of the right thing to say after the moment is gone?

4069. Would you rather a potential mate have nice hair OR nice legs?
Hahaha. Hair.

4070. Okay,…. nice hair OR a nice rack/bulge?

4071. What is one thing you thought you would enjoy, but actually didn’t?

4072. Be in the spotlight OR in the shadows?

4073. What is your favorite part of the newspaper?

4074. What in your life has been an “acquired taste” for you?

4075. Do you find sunlight makes you happier?
It makes me forget the doldrums of Vancouver where I spent 2 miserable years of my life. So yes.

4076. If you could conquer one fear, it would be…?
My fear of being inadequate.

4077. What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen someone do or heard anyone has done?
That’s a very hard question. Have you SEEN the internet?

4078. How do you feel about the fact that J-Lo earns 37 million dollars a year?
That’s disturbing.
Do you buy anything that contributes to her salary?
I don’t think so.
Is J Lo the ultimate ideal of what a woman should be?
Maybe to some people.

4080. Worst fashion mistake EVER:
Haha. Me.

4082. Is there a musical performer more ridiculous than Avril Lavigne (I don’t think there is)?
Hey, Avril’s not so bad.

4083. What is the best:
daytime talk show?
I have no idea.
late night talk show?
Again, no idea.

4084. Are you afraid of total freedom?
I don’t know.

4085. Do you live in an invisible prison?
How would I know if I did? I haven’t run into any of the bars yet.

4086. Who do you feel distant from, that you used to be close to?
Pretty much all my friends. And not just physically.

4087. Rate the following song lyrics (1 = you like it the most, 9 = you like it the least).
Maybe you shouldn’t care/throw away those dreams/& dare
Eden lets me in/I find the seeds of love/And climb upon the highwire/I kiss and tell all my fears
I know the pressure is on/In a race for the life of endless love/If it seems to much/Remember/All these things are endless
I see the wind, oh I see the trees/Everything is clear in my heart/I see the clouds, oh I see the sky/Everything is clear in our world
Inflatable doll/Lover ungrateful/I blew up your body/But you blew my mind
Well I jumped into the river/too many times to make it home/I’m out here on my own/drifting all alone/and if it doesn’t show/ give it time/to read between the lines
The very thought of you makes/My heart sing/Like an April breeze/On the wings of spring/And you appear in all your splendor/My one and only love
now I’ve had lots of girls/most of them from other worlds/but lookin through the galaxey/the valley girls are the ones for me
I’m the dandy highwayman so sick of easy fashion/the clumsy boots, peek-a-boo roots that people think so dashing/so what’s the point of robbery when nothing is worth taking?/it’s kind of tough to tell a scruff the big mistake he’s making

4088. Can you name any of the nine bands/songs above?
GUNS N’ ROSES…the last one’s Atom Ant…that’s about all I know.

4089. What would your reaction be if a total stranger called to say s/he loved you and told you that you were to pass the message on to others in a telephone call you make yourself?
I would run.

4090. Would you like to take a journey to jupiter?

4091. Can you crack nuts in your bare hands?

4092. Do you take walks at night?
I used to in Vancouver. Here I’d probably get stabbed.

4093. Beavis and Butthead or daria?

4094. Cow or chicken?
Oh my god I loved that cartoon.

4095. Do you think you will visit China in this life?

4096. Are you having a happy day?
Meh. It’s a day.

4097. When was or will be your ‘golden birthday’ (when your age is the same as your birthdate, like turning 17 on the 17th)?
Haha, when I was two.

4098. Enlighten everyone with something profound:
I’m not wearing pants.

4099. When has the third time been the charm for you?
Hmm…not sure, actually. I can usually get things to work the first or second time.

4100. What is kinda sick, but fun?


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