It’s my WordPress and I’ll post when I want to

Blahasfhsalrghs sorry guys.

Actually, I should be more specific, huh?

1. Sorry for getting around to posting these like every 25 days or so, and
2. Sorry for the extremely erratic posting shenanigans of the past two days.

With regards to #1:
I know I’ve been totally slacking when it comes to getting these posts up, so I want to apologize for making you all wait (‘cause I know you totally wake up in the morning thinking, “I wonder if Claudia’s blog is updated? Oh sweet Jesus, let her blog be updated!”) and also for inundating those of you who’ve subscribed with dozens of  “Claudia has posted a new blog!” alerts all at once.

With regards to #2:
This one wasn’t entirely my fault (or so I’m going to claim). Yesterday I posted a whole slog of blogs within like 30 seconds because I had them all saved as drafts and I just had to press one button to get them published. Anyway, I think WordPress saw it as some sort of spam blogging account and put a block on my posting abilities. I contacted them and it got resolved this morning. That’s why you saw like 10 blogs yesterday and the rest of them today.

Also, you guys are super quick to comment (TOTALLY NOT A COMPLAINT, I love you all). But it’s 10 PM and I just got home from work, so it may be a bit before I acknowledge your comments, haha.


A new blog year is coming up for me TOMORROW, so I’ll make it one of my “New Year’s” resolutions to try and get these things posted within two or three days of their creation. I know it’s not a big effort to copy/paste/press “post” but I’m a lazy butt. And I’ll update my “About” page finally.

Apologies again, and hopefully this won’t happen anymore.



(Haha, I can dream, right?)

2 responses

  1. It’s no problem for me, my reading and commenting are about as erratic. I just hold the emails in my inbox till I can read the blog. We all do have lives outside the internet, as much we would like to pretend we don’t.


    1. What is this “life” thing you speak of? :)


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