It’s that time again…


So in a little less than a month I’ll be hitting yet another blogging  milestone: SIX YEARS!

While years four and five were full of fun stats, pics, analyses, Wordles and the like, I think year six will have even more.

I’m going to go through each and every blog so that I can have data from every single day (not just every month, like I had done for last year). There are a few things I’d like to examine:

1. Do I have a statistically higher wordcount on any particular day(s)?
Using the Gunning Fog Index as a gauge, how does my blog readability change over the course of the last six years?
Have I been adding more images to my blog posts overall as time has progressed?
Do my blogs change in terms of length/complexity/readability based on the time of the year?
And a bunch of stuff I can’t remember now.



What sayest thou? Speak!

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