Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang, GET OUT OF MY HEAD

I WILL finish this damn thing!

3501. Is ‘no glove, no love’ your STRICT policy?
If there were ever to be ‘love’, yes.

3502. What is the best Epic movie (examples of epics: ben-her, gone with the wind, last temptation of christ)?
Tremors. Tremors totally counts.

3503. Finish the sentance.
Hey, Hey we’re the: guys in the diamond
People say we: paint the stars
But we’re too busy: drawing a bath
The time to hesitate is: later
You’re too: existential for those pants
It’s a nice day to: lighten the stairs

3504. Have you ever had ‘missing time’?

3505. Have you ever sent an electronic greeting?
Like an e-card? Maaaaaaybe…I can’t remember.

3507. Are you more likely to download porn or disney movies?
Why does Rule 34 spring to my mind?

3508. What is it with people?
God, who freaking knows.

3509. Do you eat too much sugar?
I do, unfortunately.

3510. Imagine you have a band. Let’s name your band.
Adjective: Inconsequential

Animal(plural): Lizards

Your band name is (adjective) (animals) Under Glass!
Inconsequential Lizards Under Glass!

Could be better?

Let’s try again.


Noun (plural): Stencils

Your band is (adjective) (nouns) With Puppets
Octogenarian Stencils with Puppets

3511. Are you desperate but not serious?
I’m seriously desperate. Desperately serious?

3512. Was there a time when you were younger and it took less to get you excited?
I’m perpetually three years old when it comes to my ability to become excited about stuff.

3513. Remember learning to write in elementary school?
Indeed I do.

We spend 2 years learning to print..then they throw that out the window and teach kids cursive. Why?
Because we’re dumb. I actually remember learning to write cursive more than learning print.

If cursive is so important and easy to read then why aren’t books printed in cursive?
Because books aren’t dumb.

Why aren’t cursive computer fonts more popular?
I think cursive looks ugly, personally.

Why do buisness forms always say ‘please print’?
Because who can read crazy cursive, anyway?

Schools are so preoccupied with teaching kids the complicated but traditional skill of cursive writing that more emphasis is put on that than on teaching kids how to clearly express their ideas through writing. I move that cursive writing become a jr. high school elective instead of a grammer school priority. Who’s with me?
Damn straight!

3514. Can you think of anything else (besides cursive writing) that is unhelpful, or unuseful, yet traditional and unquestioned? What?
Back in elementary school I always thought the amount of emphasis the teachers put on estimation (in math) was a little excessive.

3515. Name one female celebrity who you would guess wears size ___ clothing:
Paris Hilton? Haha, I have no idea.

Scarlet Johannsen? Not even sure how her last name is spelled. Totally not a celebrity person.

Kate Winslet?

Queen Latifah?

That one lady on that really popular show. I can’t think of her name or the name of that show, but maybe you know what I’m talking about.

3516. Have you ever been to a place where the restrooms were named in a clever way rather than just saying men’s and woman’s? I’ve seen Hens and Roosters, Bart and Lisa, Dudes and Babes…what have you seen?
Possibly, but I can’t remember.

3517. What is the ‘message’ or ‘point behind’:
Fight Club?
Donnie Darko?
Minority Report?
A Walk to Remember?
You’ve Got Mail?
I haven’t seen a single one of these movies.

3518. have you seen, and what are your thoughts about these movies:
The Hot Chick?
Maid in Manhattan?
Star Trek: Nemesis?
About Schmidt?
The Guys?
The Jimmy Show?
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers?
Gangs of New York?
Two Weeks Notice?
The Wild Thornberrys Movie?
Smokers Only?
Treasure Planet?
The Santa Clause 2?
I’ve never seen a single one of these movies either, haha.

3520. What is:
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (or so says Einstein)

Not me. Or any of my friends.

A strange little temperature scale.

3521. Tell us about yourself in the third person for a bit:
Claudia is a strange being who likes statistics way too much.

3522. If someone breaks a law, should they be punished if they did not know it was a law?
It depends, I think. If the law is an obscure one that really isn’t promoted as a law/upheld strictly, then I think they should be let off. More serious laws, however…

3523. If it’s so much easier to learn languages when we are very young (and it is, something to do with the developing brain) why do they wait until jr high and high school to teach them?
Because our education system is screwed.

3524. Name a band you sort of like:

You are wearing that band’s t-shirt in a store. SUDDENLY some guy you don’t know comes up to you and goes, “Hey! You like (insert name of the band here)??!!”This is obviously a really stupid question because if you didn’t like them you wouldn’t be wearing the t-shirt. Your witty reply is:
I’d probably just say “yeah, I do.” Questions like that aren’t worth snarkiness in my opinion.

3525. If you were organizing cd’s in a music store what section would you put each of the following in (don’t forget the ‘bargain bin’ section!):


Depech Mode


Led Zeppelin
Rock? (I’ve actually never listened to Led Zeppelin)

The Doors

Avril Lavigne


Manfred Mann
I have no idea

Iggy Pop

Pink Floyd

Guns N Roses


Britney Spears

Alt metal

Ozzy Osbourne


The Rolling Stones

The Beatles

Motley Crue

Bon Jovi

3526. Does coffee stimulate your mind or body more?
I don’t like coffee.

3527. Can you do ‘six degrees of seperation’ to anyone famous?
Me myself? I seriously doubt it.

3528. What’s the oddest thing in your home?

3529. Do you find it odd when people who are not handicapped use the handicapped stall:
in the bathroom?
Not if the other two (or three or whatever) stalls are already taken.

in the parking lot?
The parking space? I don’t see that as odd, I see that as obnoxious. Other people need that space, yo.

3530. Do you sometimes find yourself talking to yourself?
HAHA. All the time.

Do you answer yourself back?
No one else ever does.

3531. In your head do you call yourself ‘I’ or ‘you’ or both?

3532. What is the best excuse for why you haven’t done your homework?
No excuses! Homework must be completed!

3533. Someone tells you ‘well there are black people, and then there are n*ggers’. What do you think?
I’d probably stop talking to them at that point.

3534. Does culture shape behavior or does behavior shape culture?

3536. What is social loafing?
Isn’t that when, in a group setting, people tend to slack off on their responsibilities with the thought that the rest of the group will pick up the slack?

What is groupthink?
When the desire for harmony/decision-making in a group drives people to agree with one another more readily.

3537. I have an idea. let’s change the english language by making the words fewer, shorter and more concise. What do ya think?
Indubitably! Wait…

3539. Here’s the scenerio…your little eight year old brother is hangin out in the house when you come in..and catch him watching the playboy channel! What do you do/say?
“When did I get a little brother?!”

He says, “Why can’t I watch this?” What is your response?

Why do you respond that way?
Spontaneous little brothers are scary.

3540. Who REALLY has a higher sex drive, girls or guys?
Depends on age.

How can you tell?
Female sex drive is maximum later in life compared to males, right?

3541. are you usually carefree?

3542. Do you generally prefer reading to meeting people?

3543. Do you often long for excitement?
In my own way, yes.

3544. Are you mostly quiet when you are with others?
Depends if they are my close friends or not. Close friends = histrionics. Everyone else = silence.

3545. Do you often do things spur of the moment?
I plan. Everything. Always.

3546. Are you slow an unhurried in the way you move?
HAHAHA no. Rush time.

3547. Would you do almost anything for a dare?
Surprisingly yes.

3548. Do you hate being in a crowd who plays jokes on one another?
You mean like pranks? I hate pranks.

3549. Do you enjoy wild parties?
Depends. Is there nudity?

3550. Have you ever paid for something priced more than $5.00 in only change?
I don’t think so.

3551. Is rascism still a big part of our culture?
Parts of it.

3553. How many famous people cxan you name who committed sucicide?
I’m drawing a blank right now.

3554. Do you have OCD?

3555. Are you more anxious or relaxed?
Anxiety is my middle name, yo.

Insecure or secure?
Insecure is my other middle name.

Sociable or withdrawn?

Original or conventional?
A good mixture of both.

3556. Are you more emotional or calm?

self pitying or content?
Haha, self-pitying.

Fun loving or sober?

Imaginative or down to earth?

3557. Are you more Friendly or aloof?

adventurous or cautious?

Broad or narrow when it comes to interests?

Receptive or closed to new ideas?

3558. Are you more good natured or irratble?

soft hearted or ruthless?

well organized or disorganized?

Dependable or undependable?

3559. Are you more courteous or rude?

sympathetic or tough minded?

hardworking or lazy?

ambitious or easy going?

Anxiety Inscurity Emotionalism and Self Pity are traits of a neurotic personality.
I’m pretty neurotic, then.

Sociable, fun loving, friendly and adventurous are traits of an extraverted personality.
Already knew I wasn’t extraverted.

Orignality, imaginative, broad interests, and receptive are traits of an Open personality.
I’m about half/half on this one.

Good natured, soft hearted, courteous, and sympathetic are traits of an agreeable personality.

Well organized, dependable, hardworking and ambitious are traits of a conscientious personality.
Yay conscientiousness!

3560. Do men and woman have little or a lot in common?
I think there’s more in common than we like to admit.

3561. Do you feel like any of the teachers you’ve ever had have REALLY cared about educating you to think for yourself?
Most of my music teachers, yes.

Do you tend to try harder if they DO care?
Sure do.

3562. Have you ever been stereotyped?
Most likely.

As what?
A weirdo.

3563. Have you ever been dsicriminated against?

For what?
Who knows?

3564. How often is your school and/or job closed due to weather?
It hasn’t been yet, at least since I’ve been there.

3565. Who do you know that you believe does not masturbate?

3566. Does a cloned human being have a soul?

Why or why not?
Because souls don’t exist.

3567. Finish the sentence: As the world turns..I only have one concern…that:
I’ll still have data.

3569. Have you read any biographies?

I read Einstein’s a long time ago. I’ve read a LOT about Leibniz.

3570. What are you obsessed with?
HAHA. Statistics. Philosophy. Leibniz. Internet.

3572. Do you crack your:



My toes every once and awhile.

3573. Of the following powers which 2 would you pick for yourself? The ability to fly, breathe under water, turn invincible, change into animals, freeze and restart time, never gain weight unless you want to, heal people with your touch, have orgasms that last for an hour

The ability to fly, the ability to freeze and restart time (which, in my opinion, allows me at least one other of these powers)

3574. Do you chew your penciles and pens?
Pencils, yes. The caps of pens, yes.

3575. Can you tell the exact point where your back ends and your butt begins?

3576. When you are bored do you picture everyone eround you naked?
I do that normally, yo.

3577. What are some great holiday gift ideas for
guys: pants
girls: more pants

3578. Who looks better naked, men or woman?

3579. Do you sit in chairs or fall into them?
[insert gif of Peter Griffin forgetting how to sit down]

3580. Has anyone ever:
screamed your name during sex?
Haha, seriously doubt it.

moaned your name during sex?
See above.

3581. Hershey’s kisses: mint, almond, hugs, plain. other?

3582. What’s the best slurpee flavor?
I’ve never had a Slurpee.

3583. What are five movies that you think someone would have to be living under a rock in iceland to not have seen?
I wouldn’t know, ‘cause given the number of movies I haven’t seen, I might as well have been living under a rock in Iceland.

3584. Of these words, which ones are funny:
Piss-capades is pretty great.

What are some other funny words?

3585. Do you give good massages?
So people tell me.

3586. What songs have been ‘stuck’ in your head?
Nothing recently, actually.

3587. What don’t most people know about your job?
That I have one? Hahaha. Maybe that it helps people directly.

3588. Is there anything you won’t say unless someone else says it first?
“I love you” to anyone outside my family.

3589. Do you need a little Christmas?
Not in March.

3590. Fake or real tree?

3591. Is your refrigerator running?

You know what to do.
Not a damn thing!

3592. How can you explain when there are few words you can choose?
Draw a picture for 1,000 times the verbal power!!!

3593. Who can it be now?

3594. Where HAS Joe Dimaggio gone?
I don’t know.

3595. How often do you get headaches?
Not very often, actually. Migraines even less frequently.

3596. Have you ever woen fake eyelashes?

3597. What could you spend 24 hours in a row doing?
I’m not telling.

3598. Is it Friday yet?
We’re getting there.

3599. Do you remember There was a time (ahaha) when people on the street were walking hand in hand in hand?/
Elementary school?

3600. Do you talk to inanimate objects?

Do you try to get them to answer you?
They speak for themselves.

Have they ever answered you?
See above.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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