When I grow up, I’m going to be a toaster

3401. How well can you read between the lines when others are talking?

3402. Would you ever speak in front of your peers about peace and social injustice?
Sure, though I’m not really sure what I’d say.

3403. Where does peace begin?
With one individual.

3404. Does America practice the ideals it preaches?
Depends on the ideal.

3405. In conversations do you assume that you know what will be said?
Why would I assume that?

3406. In what ways are you closed minded?
Probably in more ways than I want to acknowledge.

3407. do you prefer beans or rice?

3408. who’s a better tv dad?–dr. huxtable (bill cosby) or danny tanner?
I’ve never seen The Cosby Show, but Danny is creepy.

3409. detroit or new york?
New York.

3410. What’s your favourite Star Wars movie?
The Sixth One (the third of the original trilogy).

3411. What’s your favourite Star Trek movie?
I’ve never seen Star Trek, believe it or not.

3412. How about Batman?
See above.
Indiana Jones?
The one with the snakes.
Lord of the rings?
harry potter?
I think I only saw one of them all the way through. Can’t remember which one, though.

3413. If you could ask one question and one question only to the following people, what would that question be:
Saddam Hussain?
“Was my uncle a body double for you at some point?”
George W Bush?
“WTF, mate?”
John Lennon?
an alien?
“What do you think of the life on Earth?”
Someone you knew who has died?
“Did she treat you the way she’s treated us?”
Steven Speilberg?
“Any upcoming movies?”
JD Salinger?
“Did Catcher in the Rye make you both laugh hysterically and feel obscenely depressed?”

3414. Have you seen AI (artificial intelligence)?

3415. If a-l-k-a-s-e-l-t-z-e-r spells ‘relief’ how do you spell:

3416. Have you ever been to a Braodway show?
No, unfortunately.

3417. Nighttime shows or matines (sp?)?
Bah, movies.

3418. How are your family get-togethers, loud and rambunctios or quiet and formal?
Ulcer-inducing and frightening.

3419. Would you be able to survive shipwrecked alone on a desert island?
Possibly. I think I’d be able to.

3420. Speaking of islands, does Gilligan EVER get off his?
Not sure.

3421. What movie has the BEST soundtrack?
Apollo 13!

3422. Do you ever go into chat rooms?
I used to. A lot.
If yes, what ones?
I always trolled the hell out of Yahoo!’s teen chatroom. Oh my god. Every day after junior high. Biggest troll ever.

3423. Is english your first language?

3424. Make up a religion. What would it believe?
Pretty much everything Leibniz said about the universe/monads, except without the “god” part.

3426. How would you celebrate these holidays? Dogs in Politics day: Create some sort of Pet Olympics, pitting all the living Presidential pets against one another.
Magic circles day: draw circles large enough to stand in on the sidewalk. Stand in them and perform magic tricks.
Be bald and free day: Watch all the Colin Mochrie-centered Whose Line Is It Anyway? episodes.
Syliva plath day: Take a bunch of antidepressants and brood in a dark corner.
Increase your psychic powers day: Spend all day trying to reach each others’ minds.
Waiting for the barbarians day: Um…go sit at the Great Wall and wait for Huns? LET’S get DOWN to BUSINESS…to defeat…THE HUNS!
Air day: Breathe for a WHOLE 24 HOURS STRAIGHT.

3427. -Why do you think Steve got kicked off Blue’s Clues:
Who did the what now?

3428. Hooked on heroin or hooked on phonics?
Hooked on doing phonics workbooks while on heroin.

3429. -Have you ever taken an insanity quiz?
Do I need to?

3430. – Have you ever covered yourself in blood and layed down on the side of the road to make it look like you were in an accident?
Can’t say that I have.
You don’t know what you’re missing.
Good to know.

3431. Can you flare your nostrils?

3432. -do you want to swim in a vast lake of gatorade? or, any other beverage for that matter?
I know it’s not a beverage, obviously, but I’ve always wanted to swim in a swimming pool of Jell-o. Solidified, of course.

3433. -have you ever sneezed at the same time everyday, consecutively, for over 3 months?
Nope, can’t say that I have.

3434. -how did the first person discover that pigs feet would be so good that we call them a delicacy?
I guess they taste that good?

3435. -why did the first person to ever eat pigs feet eat them?
Why did the first person to ever eat PIG eat it?

3436. -do you like the idea of ‘like father, like son’?
I don’t know. It depends on the father/son duo.

3438. Would you rather be an evil dictator or a sitcom family member?
Can’t I be both? “Suburb Stalin!” I’d watch that.

3439. What is the wave of the future?

3440. What’s your favorite old movie (before 1990)?
The Brave Little Toaster!

3441. When someone tells you that their signifigant other lives REally Far Away..do you ever suspect that they are single and making someone up?
Why would I suspect that?

3442. Alaska or Hawaaii?

3443. Why did Kentucky Fried Chicken change their name to KFC?
It’s faster to say “KFC,” which is important when your sole goal is to inhale a bucket of chicken.

3444. What is there no place to hide from?

3445. Which makes you happier, giving presents or getting them?
Giving! Though getting them rocks too, haha.

3446. What can you never have just one of?

3447. What comes to mind when you think of Hulk Hogan?/
Politics, believe it or not.

3448. What would you be the patron saint of?

3449. Do you still look at the world with wonder like you did when you were a kid?
Parts of it.

3450. For 5 seconds clear your mind. Good. Now write the first thing that you can think of!:
River rafting (WTF, brain?)

3451. When was the last time you ate too much?
I have no idea.

3452. Describe the sexiest person you can imagine:
I don’t need to imagine. HE EXISTED:

3453. What have you seen that’s…bizzare?
My family.

3454. Are there any stores or brands or products that yoou boycott?
I won’t buy Florida’s Natural orange juice ‘cause their commercials PISS ME OFF.

3455. Do you want things to REALLY get out of control?
I’m a pretty major control freak, so no.

3456. Are you too tense?
I’m one fifth.

3457. Where would you be without love and bubblegum?
Lonely and un-sticky. Haha.

3458. Why aren’t comic books popular anymore?
I think they’re still popular in the right circles.

3459. Think of one friend (who?): Sean!
When is the last time you saw each other?
End of July last year.
Do they smoke?
I don’t believe so, no.
Do they believe in God?
I don’t think so.
When you first saw this friend what was your impression?
This dude seems pretty cool.
Their age?

3460. Do you say what you mean?
Haha, not all of the time.
Do you mean what you say?
I try.

3461. Could you eat meat if you had to hunt it yourself?
Yes, but I would probably never get to ‘cause I don’t think I could catch anything.

3462. Order from greatest to least importance: spirituality, creativity, intellect, great body, open-mindedness, magicalness, great dancer, interesting dresser, wit and cleverness, niceness, stability
niceness, creativity, intellect, open-mindedness, wit and cleverness, stability, interesting dresser, magicalness, great dancer, great body, spirituality.

3463. Complete the sentence.
When a problem comes along You must:
Fix it fix it fix it!

3464. Pick the two most important attributes for food– fast, cheap, tasty, healthy
Healthy, tasty.

3465. What do you think is the best metaphor for romantic relationships? (e.g. a car wreck, a cruise)
A time-bomb. Or a literal bomb.

3466. Kittens or no kittens, that is the question.

3467. Is gaining 15 lbs in a night possible?
If you consume a 15 lb. weight, sure.

3468. Do you get emotional watching movies?
Pfft, movies.

3469. What makes you feel nostalgic?
Thinking about Moscow.

3470. Do you feel like you’ve been misplaced?
I feel like I don’t HAVE a place.

3471. Have you ever fought someone, just for fun?
Not physically. Mentally, though, yeah.

3472. What gives you an adrenaline rush?
Planning stuff. Yeah, I know, I’m lame.

3473. What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else, and you could never have them?
Ugh. Love is…not for me. Not now.

3474. Rank these events in order of best/most exciting to boring (1 = most exciting):
drinking and dancing to your favorite music at a club: 6
taking a walk in the woods and a bath in a stream: 7
having great sex: 9
winning the lottery (one mil): 1
getting followed home by a stray animal: 2
meeting someone interesting to talk to: 8
seeing your favorite band in concert: 3
seeeing aa broadway show: 4
halloween: 5

3475. Can you keep a secret?

3476. Where is the tenderness?

3478. Would you rather have a video phone, an electric scooter, or a digital camera?
Dude, an electric scooter! I’d motor all OVER the damn place.

3479. If a ban on all violent video games was put into effect, would you be outraged by this decision?
Yes, but not because all violent games were banned…because whoever was in charge was ALLOWED to ban all violent games.

3480. In your opinion, is violence in society inescapable?
Why or why not?
We’re animals. It’s the way of nature sometimes.

3481. Have you ever mimicked a violent “action” from a video game you’ve played towards another person, whether it was to harm or just for play?
Oh, probably.

3482. Do you believe the violent content in video games influences aggressive and/or violent behavior in younger children?
I really think it depends on the child. I obsessively played Doom and Quake when I was six/seven years old, and I’m probably the least aggressive person ever.

3483. What makes life a bitter sweet symphony?
Trying to make ends meet, trying to find some money, then dying.

3484. Name four things that aare AWESOME:
Statistics, Existentialism, Leibniz, writing.

3486. Can you imagine this world going on without you?
Of course. I’m no solipsist.

3487. Are you the only person who really exists?
Hahaha. See above.

3488. Is everyone else a figment of your imagination?
I’d have one twisted imagination then.

3489. Or are YOU a figment of my imagination?

3490. Can you prove you exist?
I don’t know.

3491. What do you Have to get off your chest?
My shirt. NAKED TIME!

3492. If you cheated on someone would you confess to them?

3493. Is it true that at least 5 people in this world love you so much they would die for you?
Maybe like two people.

3494. Are you in therapy?
I should be.

3495. Do you go shopping on black friday?

3496. What is the bane of your existance?

3497. Better movie: Weird Science or Caddy Shack?
I’ve never seen Weird Science and I haven’t seen Caddy Shack all the way through.

3498. Who’s the big winner?
Not me.

3500. Guess what?
Orgy time?

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  1. What a lot of questions!


    1. I know! One day I’ll make it through all 5,000 of them…

      Thanks for the follow! :D


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