Claudia Presents: “Let’s get ready to Stuuuuuumble!”

Ready for another romp around the internet?

Of course you are!


  • Love your 90’s music? Click here.
  • Want to see if your favorite nickname/tag/username is available on a given site? Click here.
  • Want to test your vocab? Click here.
  • Interested in Google’s (playful) deceptions? Click here.
  • Fan of obscure words? Click here.
  • Are you getting high from all the clicking and wish you could do more of it? Click here.



The best OK Cupid match question ever.

The end.

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    I’m glad that my default username (mafarnz) is unique enough that it’s almost entirely unused. The only sites where it’s taken is by me!
    Also W… T… F… is with that OK Cupid question?


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