I’ll be your eigenvector if you’ll be my eigenvalue

Graph of genres

Mean song length: 4:00
No five-stars this month.


Total number of walks: 85
Total mileage: 673.1
Total steps taken: 1,348,433
Total calories burned: 37,535


               month       miles    calories      steps
month     1.00000000 -0.02778855 -0.07326894 0.03896221
miles    -0.02778855  1.00000000  0.98203163 0.99229965
calories -0.07326894  0.98203163  1.00000000 0.95563610
steps     0.03896221  0.99229965  0.95563610 1.00000000


Tune in tomorrow for mega music review!

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    Damn that’s a lot of walking.


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