Blog 2,013: NaNoReWriMo

That’s National Novel ReWrite Month for me, haha. I’m a fickle bugger, so I’m scratching my current NaNo idea (surprise, surprise) and going with something new. At least I’m restarting near the beginning of the month this time, unlike last year where Googol was born on like the 15th had to be written rapidly (alongside class-work stuff and that soul bomb of a thesis).

Anyway, the new topic is deeply personal and definitely won’t get an excerpt posted. Maybe not even a synopsis. But it’s happening because all my other ideas are about 45% there in my head and the stuff I’m writing about in the new NaNo needs to get out of my head to make room for more important stuff (a.k.a. statistics stuff, methods to convince my dad to get me a car, how many M&Ms just came crashing out of the bag I just heard tip over in the kitchen…stuff like that). So this year’s just going to be mysteeeeeerious!

At least until I change my topic again.

On a completely unrelated note, I was surfing around YouTube this afternoon and came across this video of Steve Jobs introducing the iBook way back in 1999.

I’d never actually watched one of his keynotes, but holy freaking crap, that man could sell a product. It’s got a tiny little 3.2 GB hard drive and I still want one.

My dad actually had a tangerine one way back when. I played Bugdom incessantly on it, haha.

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