New stuff

Yet another new header! I don’t like this one either (DIFFICULT TO SATISFY), but it’ll do for now.

Also, you know that new stats blog I mentioned I would start about half a month ago? Well, I kind of changed my mind and  have decided to make it a combined statistics/philosophy blog, kind of a more professional version of this blog focusing on my two favorite things (apart from Leibniz).

It’ll be like my ramblings on the philosophy of statistics. It’ll be good for my upcoming graduate work. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Laplace and Leibniz” for the name of the blog. I could do “Pearson and Plato” because they’re two of the more “obvious” or recognized individuals in statistics and philosophy respectively, but I like both Laplace and Leibniz better. I also had “proc blog; run;” in mind, too. My mom likes that one.

We’ll see.


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