United Staaaaaates!

Canada Day in Canada.

Fourth of July in the US.


Well. If you have any interest at all in typography and/or the serif/sans serif debate, I strongly urge you to read this. It’s an article discussing whether serif fonts or san serif fonts are more legible. It’s fascinating and awesome. The fact that researchers have apparently fabricated results in order to support their preferred side of the argument is hilarious. Academic integrity meets its match when Times New Roman is thrown against Arial in a battle of which is more readable.

Actually, I read this article last night and subsequently had a dream about a Supreme Court case (Times v. Arial, of course) on which hinged the unity of the whole United States. Apparently sometime in the future, according to this dream, the US splits along the line of people who use serif fonts and people who use sans serif fonts. It was like the most historically significant Supreme Court case EVER, apparently. Possible NaNo idea. Hmm…

Anyway, happy birthday, United States! Love you, missed you!

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