It’s Leibniz Day, it’s Leibniz Day!

I suggest we all mass-email Google until they make a Google logo for display on Leibniz’ birthday (at least for every country except Canada). The guy did SO MUCH! He created the freaking binary system.


They could spell “Google” in binary!

Okay, it’s a little long, but they’re Google, they rule the world. They could maybe  make the binary into little blocks.


Choco Leibniz and calculus for all! Find an ostentatious wig, put it on, and be awesome. Channel the amazingness that is Gottfried.


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  1. […] about the Art Camp I used to religiously attend as a kid and rave about Dogwood Ceramic Supply. LEIBNIZ DAY: I get overly appropriately excited for Leibniz’ birthday. In this blog: I attempt to sell a […]


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