Much Ado About Blogging


So even though I’ve got (at most) two regular* readers, I’ve been thinking as of late of leaving WordPress and getting my own blog with my own domain name.


Because I think five years of continuous blogging deserves its own special place on the web, even though nobody else really cares about it. I’ve been looking into TypePad for the next move ‘cause I’ve been following a few blogs based off of TypePad, and they all look nice and run smoothly.

TypePad is also pretty customizable, so it seems, and affordable and secure.

However, I’m a lazy butt and just got done moving all my MySpace archives to WordPress, and I’m not sure how difficult moving the archives again would be. I suppose I could do a bit of research into that, but, you know…lazy butt.

Anyway. Just thought that would be my post for today, since everything’s been pretty uneventful apart from thesis writing for the past few days.

*“regular” as defined as those who keep up with my erratic posting habits. Sorry about that.

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    It’s not that hard to keep up with you, I have email subscriptions, which can be done with any blog service.


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