Does |0| = −459.67?

So as you (probably don’t) know, one of my favorite composers is Gustav Holst. My favorite song of his is Jupiter, from the Planets suite. I’ve had my copy of it for about six years now.

Today, while backing up my thesis in case of catastrophic multi-hard drive failure, rather than digging through my music library to find Jupiter, I decided to search for it on YouTube instead so I could catch a quick listen.

This recording absolutely blew my mind. It is approximately 6,000 times better than the recording I’ve got of it:

– I’ve never heard French horns that sounded that good.
– If any musician in the orchestra made a mistake, I sure as hell didn’t catch it. Flawless.
– 3:07 = unadulterated beauty.
– I love how the conductor stops conducting at 3:47 and just emotes. The musicians know what to do.

I swear I was exposed to this song once when I was very little, ‘cause it speaks to my soul. It’s very familiar to me.


So today was also supposed to be “no dairy for a week starting today” day, but I remembered that fact just as I had dumped a buttload of cheese on my pasta for dinner. And because I’m not one to waste time picking individual chunks of feta out of a steaming pot of penne and broccoli, I decided to wait until next week.
Because starting in the middle of the week would be wrong.

Just go listen to Jupiter again. It’s far better than paying attention to my blather.

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    I’ve been listing to it as I’ve been reading your blogs. And yeah, this is an amazing version of it. (Lol at the conductor though)


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