TWSB: Kitt Peak

So This Week’s Science Blog is going to be a little different. Why? Because my mom, Kurt, and I went up to the Kitt Peak National Observatory to stare at some badass stars and galaxies this evening.

So I shall tell you about that.

The KPNO is part of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory and has a total of (I think) 21 telescopes, including a badass sun telescope (seriously, HOW COOL?).

Anyway. Here is a picture of the sunset from up there. This is the only picture I took because, obviously, we were up there mainly during the nighttime.

First we saw Jupiter, and when I asked the guy there he said that it still wasn’t clear whether or not the southern equatorial band was reappearing yet. Through the telescope we could see the giant planet plus the Galilean Moons.
Then we got some star charts and went outside to try and find Orion, the Dippers, the Seven Sisters, and a bunch of the astrological constellations. I also found out that no matter how good the binoculars are, I still suck at using them.
We then hung out in one of the telescope rooms and stared at the Andromeda galaxy, some orbiting star pairs, a couple globular galaxies, and then the moon, which was ridiculously detailed in the telescope and pretty much blinded all of us.

If you’re ever in Arizona, get up to Kitt Peak and check out the firmament of awesomeness above us. And if you’re there during the day, for the love of GOD go check out the largest solar telescope on the planet.


7 responses

  1. I just went there with my family on Labor Day. It was such a fantastic drive & view. I would love to go there again during the evening tour. Sounds like it was fun! Envy! Cheers~cb


    1. The evening tour was amazing. I was surprised at how cold it gets up there, though! I’d like to go back and check out their sunscope during the day. I hope you and your family had a fun trip there. Thanks for the comment! :)


      1. I wrote an article on Squidoo about our family’s trip there and I was wondering if I could add your blog page here to the link list on the article? Then people who want to read a firsthand account about the night tour could read yours. If it’s okay let me know and I will send you a link so I don’t spam up your comments area! Cheers~cb


        1. Sure, I’d be honored if you linked to my post! Thank you! :)


        2. Okay, I’m so glad you are cool with me adding your experience! Here is a link to the article I wrote: and if you scroll down to the “Star Links” section you will see your link. If you would like me to change any of the way it’s worded just say the word & I will fix it ASAP. Thanks again! Cheers~cb


        3. Looks good to me! Thanks. :)


        4. Hi Claudia~I thought you’d be interested to know my article was included in Squidoo’s Front Page rotation this week! Maybe you will be getting some more traffic?!? Cheers~cb


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