Canadian Mall – Installment 2: Metropolis at Metrotown

Holy crap, what a big mall.

It doesn’t have a University attached to it, but it’s pretty impressive nonetheless. Three floors, lots of escalators, and a Chapters.

Not the easiest place to get to, though, especially if you’re walking. I kept seeing these signs for “Metrotown” but I couldn’t see the mall at all until I was right on top of it. Low profile little bugger. The only thing that really guided me there was the Skytrain tracks.


– The Real Canadian Superstore. I guess if you’re really Canadian, you take superstores very seriously. It’s Walmart on crack up here.
– There was an HMV, which prompted the purchase of the fifth season of Futurama. I’m watching it now; it’s excellent so far.
– Horrible layout, but copious amounts of “YOU ARE HERE” maps, which people like me appreciate greatly.

– Mike Rowe needs to come up here for a Dirty Jobs episode to just clean the Zellers bathrooms.
– Actually, the whole Zellers was gross. It was like nobody had cleaned or restocked anything in months.
– So. Many. People.


So yeah. Pretty good overall, and right next to the Skytrain. And Burnaby > Surrey.

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  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    I’ve heard there are some huge malls in Canada


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