Well, here we go again…

Dear 2011,

Let’s be kind to each other, shall we? 2010 was average enough, but we don’t need another 2009.

So let’s make a deal.

You will provide me with 365 days, each day approximately 24 hours in length. These days will be blank slates with each an opportunity to get things right.

In turn, I will provide you with 365 attempts at not sucking at life. This includes but is not limited to:

  • keeping my mind focused on whatever task is at hand, regardless of how alluring drawing/writing/StumbleUpon/Wordpress/screwing around on the internet in general is.
  • trying not to lose my shit when it comes to anxiety-provoking social interactions.
  • mastering the art of self-deprivation to promote self-betterment.
  • attempts to dispel anger in more constructive ways.
  • trying to be kinder to everyone, even people who can’t seem to walk down a sidewalk properly.
  • appreciating the fact that I have control over my life (note: this does not exempt me from bitching about stuff).


So yeah. Take that, fate, I’m going to kick your ass.


Anyway, life is never complete without a year-end survey. Onward!

Name: Claudia
Screen name: LadyLeibniz. Or AntarcticaFreak, but that one’s ancient.
Current location: Vancouver
Birth date: February 2
Sign: Aquarius/Dragon

2010 In The Beginning……
Where did you ring in the New Year? On my butt in the snow outside my house after falling down the deck stairs. 2009 just couldn’t let go without giving me one more jab.
Who were you with? Myself.
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? Nope.
Did you make any resolutions? Quoted from last year: “Figure out what the hell I want, find a boyfriend, get better with R, etc., etc.”
If so did you keep them? The first and third ones, yeah.

2010 Your Love Life….
Single/Taken? Single
How many relationships did you have? Actual relationships? Zero.
How many break ups? None
How many people did you kiss? One

2010 Friends and Enemies……
Did you meet any new friends this year? I made at least one new friend every time I came back to Moscow, haha.
Did any of your friendships end? Nah.
Did you dislike anyone? Nope.
Did you get into any fights? No one to fight with.
Did you make any new enemies? I hope not.
Did you resolve any fights? I try to stay out of it.
Who was your closest friend? Didn’t really have one.

2010….The Holidays!
Did you have a Valentine? PFFT.
Did the Easter bunny visit you? He gave me a four day weekend.
Did you watch fireworks on the 4th of July? Yes!
Did you dress up for Halloween? No.
What did you do for Thanksgiving? Canadian Thanksgiving blows, so nothing.
Did you receive what you wanted? Partially.
Were you good this holiday season? I always try to be good.

2010 Your BIRTHDAY!!!
How old did you turn? 22
Did you have a cake? No
What did you do for your birthday? Went to class. Not much else.
Did you have a party? Nope.
Did you get any presents? A few

2010……The Memories and Accomplishments!
Funniest Memory? Driving around Moscow with my friends, blasting the Numa Numa song and waving our arms around like a bunch of idiots. And not realizing the back hatch on the car was open.
Saddest Memory? The time we all sat in my car late at night and bitched about how much our lives sucked.
Most Embarrassing Memory? Existing
Best Accomplishment? Presenting my poster in Boston.

Favorite TV shows? I’m still digging Futurama. And METALOCALYPSE.
Favorite songs? See yesterday’s blog.
Favorite bands? Muse rules.
Favorite food? Freaking broccoli, man.
Favorite stores? There aren’t really any stores I frequent up here.
Favorite restaurants? Shari’s is still the best place ever. And Cougar Country, man!
Favorite piece of clothing? I love my Alex Colman pants. SO LOUD.

2010…..All about YOU….
Did you change at all this year? Meh. In some ways, yes, but they’re subtle.
Did you dye your hair? I tried to put some blue in the tips, but you can’t really see it.
Did you get your hair cut? I got it evened out in the summer.
Did you change your style? NEVER!
Were you in school? Blah, yes.
Did you have a job? I was a TA.
Did you drive? Yup.
Did you own a car? Don’t need one up here.
Did you lose anyone this year? No.
Did anyone close to you give birth? No.
Did you move at all? Hahaha, yes.
Did you go on any vacations? I went back to Moscow for the summer.
Did you leave the country at all? Indeed.
Would you change anything about yourself now? Peh.

What sayest thou? Speak!

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