The Resolutions

Because it’s getting to be that time and the last blog of the year is reserved:

  • Try not to suck at life
  • Blog daily, as per usual
  • Edit the stuff I need to edit (a.k.a. Prime)
  • Go skydiving
  • Get better at R
  • Analyze the living hell out of every data set I come across
  • Have at least one more sexy basement party
  • Finish a substantial number of my “101 in 1001” goals (assuming the website ever comes back up, haha)

There are many more, but it’s late and I need music.

Also this:



Today’s song: 10,000 Miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter (this made me bawl)

One response

  1. Matt Farnsworth | Reply

    That’s a great video, but don’t see people buying into it just because so many of them don’t “believe” in evolution. Great video for those of us that aren’t ignorant, but we’re not the ones that need to watch it.


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